Neutralize Odor

Odor Gladiator™ is a patented athlete-customized high-performance deodorizer that battles stench in the most inhospitable of environments — your sports equipment bag.

Your Colors.  Your Style.  Your Gladiator.

Battle Fresh

Odor Gladiator is the perfect solution for performance athletes.  Odor Gladiator tackles the stench of intense sports such as hockey, lacrosse, football, surfing and martial arts.

Bring the Battle to Your Bag!

Crush the Competition

Unlike damaging detergents and irritating sprays requiring constant reapplication, Odor Gladiator is a safe, effortless solution that battles odor for up to 120 days.

Just Toss in Your Bag.  It's that Easy.


Odor Gladiator is the official sports deodorizer of:

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