Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why is Odor Gladiator™ superior to other products?

A:  Science.  Unlike other products, Odor Gladiator doesn't mask sports odor.  It neutralizes it.  Odor Gladiator changes the composition and weight of malodorous molecules.  As a result of changed composition, malodorous molecules are no longer detected as an odor.  And as a result of changed weight, malodorous molecules become heavier than air, reducing their concentration in the vapor phase.  Odor Gladiator is especially effective against butyric acid, which is primarily responsible for body odor.  Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault explains here.

Q:  I’m just getting started. What do you recommend I purchase?

A:  Your Odor Gladiator includes two components: a rugged, reusable athlete-customized exterior and a disposable Fresh Linen Shield™.  For year-long protection (and to save $5.00), we recommend you purchase an Odor Gladiator bundle.  In this brief video, we show you how to prepare your Odor Gladiator for battle.

Q:  How long will my Fresh Linen Shield last?

A:  Each Fresh Linen Shield safely battles stench for up to 120 days.  Each replacement pack contains three Fresh Linen Shields.  That's a year's worth of odor crushing freshness.

Q:  Is Odor Gladiator safe?

A:   Yes. Odor Gladiator relies upon organic, non-toxic fragrance oils to provide a safe and natural way to neutralize sports odors.  No harmful dust, chemical sprays or damaging detergents.

Q:  Is Odor Gladiator environmentally friendly?

A:   You bet.  Your Odor Gladiator is designed to last a very long time.  And Odor Gladiator's reliance upon refillable Fresh Linen Shields means less waste in local landfills, and more money in your wallet.  And unlike products that repeatedly expose athletes to sprayed-on chemicals and heavy detergents, Odor Gladiator will never end up as a discarded pollutant that contaminates our groundwater. 

Q:  Do you provide volume-based discounts to team parents and coaches?

A:  Of course. We are pleased to provide a volume-based discount to team parents and coaches interested in outfitting their athletes with Odor Gladiator. Please contact us to explore the benefits of team purchasing.

Q:  Where is Odor Gladiator manufactured? 

A:  With pride in the United States.  We created our company to give customers an opportunity to buy an outstanding product while supporting hard working men and women right here in the States.  By manufacturing Odor Gladiator in our factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and shipping them directly to you, we are able to deliver an exceptional product at a fair price, while creating jobs that strengthen our economy and communities. 

Q:  I just placed my order.  When will I receive my Odor Gladiator

A:  We assemble, pack and ship orders Monday through Friday.  Typically, each order takes 3-5 business days to arrive.  To reduce your shipping cost, we've partnered with the United States Postal Service. 

Q:  What if I am dissatisfied with Odor Gladiator

A:  We are committed to your complete satisfaction.  If you find Odor Gladiator does not meet your needs, please return it within 30 days of purchase; we will refund your purchase price, no questions asked.  Likewise, if the exterior of your Odor Gladiator is damaged under conditions of intended use (e.g., no slap shots, please) within one year of purchase, we'll gladly replace it.  We stand behind our customers and products.

Q:  By the way, your photos are so cool.  Who is your sports photographer?

A:  We've had the pleasure of working with Donna Johnson from DJ Sports Photography in Louisville, KY.  Donna's work is amazing (and she's a wonderful person).  Please check out her website; she's a fellow entrepreneur.

Q:  You guys rock!  How can we help?

A:  Thanks for asking!  Please spread the word about Odor Gladiator to other parents and athletes!  Also, take a moment to like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  And especially, we'd love to hear about your Odor Gladiator experience.  Please share your thoughts with us and, if you'd like, we'll even add your experience to our testimonial page.  Thank YOU for spreading the word!