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​GOT FRESH GEAR? Cardinal Lacrosse Reviews Odor Gladiator!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Check out Neil's gear bag update and Odor Gladiator shout out at 12m 45s!  Thanks, Neil!


​​Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Laxwell Smart, back with another review for the lax lover in you. This product saved me in more ways than one. If you don't have one of these yet, you don't know what you're missing.

My girlfriend was a nag for a long time and used to always bust my chops about something I forgot to do, or something I did. Sometimes she would even dig in to me about something SHE did, like the time she got mad at me because she said that I let her eat desert. Fellas, you know what I mean, those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations that you find yourself in with your lady friend. Anyway, her nagging really got to me, and it almost cost us our relationship. We would beef constantly and I was always scrambling to get back in her good graces. Half of the time I didn't know why she was going at me so hard, but I happened to notice the reoccurring theme that would arise during our fights was the smell of my lacrosse bag. For a while I thought she just didn't want me to play lax, which would have been a total deal breaker.

I was desperate for an answer to our relationship woes, so I broke down and did what any sex-starved, dog-house residing boyfriend would do, I asked her sister for help. Her sister simply suggested I lay low for a while and wash every piece of lacrosse equipment I owned. I tried her advice, but the stench wouldn't go away, and eventually things got so out of hand that one day after playing men's league, the old ball and chain threatened to toss my lax equipment out of a 12 story window on to the street. Another time she actually tried to toss my bag out of a moving car, which she with a straight face said, smelled like dead elephants. Another time I had my lax bag in a closet that she happened to be standing near, when all of a sudden she crinkled her nose and scrunched up her face and said she thought she smelled a vampire. How she knows what vampires smell like is beyond me. Needless to say, it was time for some aromatherapy, so I got a hold of the good folks at ODOR GLADIATOR and made arrangements to test one out. I had plans to travel this summer and play some lax along the way here and there, and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see the O.G. in action. Ahhh, some much needed time away from all the drama, and some quality time with my lacrosse stick and my new, royal blue and athletic gold "customized high-performance deodorizer." I couldn't wait to rip open the package when the cleverly designed lacrosse-ball-sized Sparta helmet arrived. I popped the disk into the hard case, snapped it closed, zipped up my bag and bid my boo farewell.

The durable casing unit, withstood all my travels and went above and beyond neutralizing the smell of my bag and equipment. My gear now actually smells good. It's been a few weeks since I've been home and I haven't heard a peep about the smell of my bag. The nagging and arguing has slowed down considerably and I think we're in a good space now. Whew. These are a must have for any serious lax player. These days it seems like manufacturers actually consider the funk factor caused by sweat during the shoulder pad, arm pad and glove lining design process, however combating the foul stench caused by playing in the rain is something else. It rained during one of our games and the next day my bag still smelled good. The O.G. works so well, I would consider keeping one in other places, like my bathroom. In fact, I bet if you made a necklace with an Odor Gladiator as a pendant you could scare vampires away.

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​Hockey Parents Know Best!  Wildly Aware Reviews Odor Gladiator

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hockey doesn't have to Stink!

I have a hard time finding the right words to describe the rancid stench that lurks inside my son's hockey bag. It's a very distinct disgusting aroma, but "THAT SMELL" is part of Hockey. Bottom line bacteria and fungi survive and reproduce wherever there is sweat, moisture and warmth...the environment created when he zips up that hockey bag.

Imagine a long weekend on the road or even after daily practice the 45 minute drive home with two hockey bags in the back seat...THAT aromatic scent just builds up. I love discovering "Flawless Finds" so I was eager to see if the Odor Gladiator would be my warrior and rescue me from that stank.

Meet Odor Gladiator:

  • The exterior of each OG is made of rugged plastic design.
  • A fresh linen shield is locked securely inside and battles odors for up to 60+ days.
  • Easy to use ~ insert disk, snap and toss in bag.
  • Design your own gladiator - the helmet and mask come in 19 interchangeable colors.
  • Outer shell is reusable, just replace the linen shield inside.
  • High performance odor neutralizer.
  • Technology behind the Odor Gladiator. (I was never good at chemistry.
  • OG is made up of organic, non-toxic fragrance oils to provide a natural way to neutralize sports odors.
  • Made in the USA!!


Odor Gladiator gets a HAT TRICK:

Goal #1: I can honestly tell you that I truly was impressed at how well it eliminated the odor in my son's bag. This was the first car ride home I could actually breathe.
Goal #2: The fun design is a bonus. Team colors are very important to players. It's all about matching the jersey, laces, helmets and now the GLADIATOR.
Goal #3: Odor Gladiator is completely safe. There are no damaging detergents, harmful chemical sprays, dust or residue. Environmentally friendly as well.

I highly recommend Odor Gladiator to all you sports enthusiasts who "stink". It's well worth the $15 to have fresh smelling gear.

(Disclosure: This review is my personal opinion and I was NOT paid to write it)

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​Your Army Awaits: Northern Soul Sportswear Reviews Odor Gladiator

​​Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Northern Soul's own Luke Wylie deployed a fresh troop in his lacrosse kit. Here's what he had to say:

Odor Gladiator Troops ready for the war on kit bag stench!

Odor Gladiators came on to the market aiming to keep lacrosse kit bags smelling fresh alleviating the putrid smell of festering sweat. Having owned and used one now for three months I can say they are a huge success. I purchased mine as part of charity fundraising on behalf of my club, Aberystwyth Lacrosse.

Now for anyone that doesn’t know Aberystwyth is the end of the line for mid-Wales the next nearest lacrosse clubs are 2+ hours away in Bangor, Cardiff or Swansea. Our game days frequently consist of long journeys across the length and breadth of this country. The ELA have referred to us in the past as the “Road Warriors”.  You might ask what this has to do with kit deodorizer?

Well, have you ever spent a six-hour round trip car journey with vile smelling kit on your lap?

I have! It was unsavoury, to say the least. But that changed some three months ago. The compact durable outer casing easily fits into the smallest of kit bags and can deal with any heinous stench you throw at it. You can confidently throw your kit bag around without a care in the world knowing that the design of the odor gladiator means it won’t leak all over your gear. The functional little troop looks awesome and comes in a variety of colours to match up with your team. Tying the colour scheme in with the rest of your club kit makes it look very professional. The deodorizing booster itself is claimed to last up to 120 days but mine hasn’t shown any signs of fading yet, which means buying the inexpensive refills are a smart investment.

The Odor Gladiator makes for an excellent addition to any lacrosse player's kit bag. These pint sized warriors make a great gift and have been very popular with parents, partners, siblings, aunts, uncles or anyone looking that has had to deal with wreaking sweaty kit. It is a stylish yet simple bit of innovation that makes the life of a lacrosse player easier. In fact, every sports bag should have one! 

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​Athletes Just Like You: Swift Strings Reviews Odor Gladiator

​Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Swift Strings' own Cameron deployed a troop in his lacrosse bag. Here's what he had to say:



​Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Turkiye Lakros is welcoming new sponsors as it prepares to travel to Syracuse, NY, for the 2015 Federation of Indoor Lacrosse World Championship, including Odor Gladiator, a Pennsylvania-based company that is passionate about the growth of box and field lacrosse. Odor Gladiator manufactures custom-colored sports deodorizers that neutralize stench in lacrosse, hockey and other sports and gym bags. The product is conveniently sized to fit into any bag and is favored by athletes from high school to professional levels.

As an entrepreneurial leader, Odor Gladiator's CEO Mike Morneault said partnering with Turkiye Lakros was a natural fit. "Turkey Lacrosse Association Executive Director Patrick Dougherty and a cadre of volunteers are tirelessly dedicated to growing the game in Turkey," said Morneault. "It’s a privilege to support their efforts, and we especially look forward to watching Turkiye Lakros compete on a world stage in September."

"We are inspired and thankful for companies like Odor Gladiator that believe in us and what we are striving for in Turkey," said Dougherty. "These fresh troops will be an extremely helpful addition to our gear bags as we play eight non-stop days at the World Indoors."

The Turkey Lacrosse Association provides training and financial support for participation in world championships for men and women of Turkish descent from around the world and in Turkey. Growing the game through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, the Association strives to provide a service to the community by making available a healthy outlet for young athletes and their communities to unite. For information of sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dougherty at

Odor Gladiator can be found at major lacrosse and hockey retailers across the United States and Canada and online at

​ALL ABOARD! Bloomington Thunder Brings Odor Gladiator to Athletes and Fans

Hockey Stench Falls to the Power Play!

​Saturday, November 22, 2014

The United States Hockey League's Bloomington Thunder has announced that Odor Gladiator will serve as an official partner for the 2014-15 USHL season. In addition to enlisting these much-needed troops in their own gear bags, the team will offer the product to fans and athletes during home games at the US Cellular Coliseum.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Odor Gladiator manufactures high-performance deodorizers for hockey, lacrosse, and other sports equipment bags. Odor Gladiator is a safe, effortless solution that can simply be tossed into an athlete's bag.

“Hockey athletes are among our biggest fans,” said Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault. "Effectiveness is how families keep score, and Odor Gladiator has proven itself to be a worthwhile adversary of the nasty stench of hard-worn hockey gear.”

The exterior of each Odor Gladiator is made of rugged plastic designed to withstand the hazards of a busy bag. Locked securely inside of each Odor Gladiator is a replaceable fresh linen shield that safely battles odor for up to 120 days.

Odor Gladiator has received high praise from hockey players and families alike.  Hockey mom Debra Giovannuci sums it up best:  "Odor Gladiator, you saved me!"

“Like our athletes, the Odor Gladiator is the best of the best,” said Thunder VP/GM Kurt Silcott.  “With these troops in our bags, our bus and locker room no longer carries that typical locker room smell we all know so well.  The best part is that we not only are taking care of our players, but we will be offering the Odor Gladiator to our fans at our merchandise stands.  Every hockey mom or dad knows that "locker room' smell and the Odor Gladiator is here to deal with that."

Odor Gladiator products can be found at major hockey retailers across the U.S. and Canada and online at



Pittsburgh-based Steel City Roller Derby has announced that Odor Gladiator will serve as an official partner for the 2015 season. The high-performance deodorizer will be available for derby bags around the league during the upcoming season, which is scheduled to kickoff in December.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Odor Gladiator manufactures color-customized deodorizers for roller derby, lacrosse, hockey, soccer and other athletic bags. The products are a safe, effortless solution that can simply be tossed into an athlete's bag. 

"We love supporting derby athletes," said Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault, "and the opportunity to partner with Pittsburgh's only all-female league in our own hometown makes our relationship even more exciting."

The exterior of each Odor Gladiator is made of reinforced plastic designed to withstand the hazards of a busy gear bag.  Locked securely inside of each Odor Gladiator is a replaceable fresh linen shield that battles odor for up to 120 days.

Odor Gladiator has received numerous testimonials from skaters and referees across the United States and Canada.  "We're psyched to add it to our arsenal" said Athena #7 from Steel Hurtin'. "We skate to win, and now we can win the war against gear stench, too!"

Odor Gladiator products can be found at retailers across the U.S. and Canada and online at  Derby athletes are welcome to design their own look on the company's website, and to take advantage of discount code SK8FRESH when ordering product online.

Photo Credit:  Steve Dalton


National Lacrosse League adds Odor Gladiator as official supplier for 2015 season

High-performance deodorizer featured in lacrosse bags around the league

The National Lacrosse League has announced that Odor Gladiator will serve as an official supplier for the 2015 NLL season. The high-performance deodorizer company's products will be featured in lacrosse bags around the league during the upcoming season, the 29th year of professional indoor lacrosse, which is set to begin on Friday, Jan. 2.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Odor Gladiator manufactures deodorizers for lacrosse, hockey and other sports equipment bags. The products are a safe, effortless solution that can simply be tossed into an athlete's bag.

“Odor eradication is a contact sport,” said Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault. "And we’re pumped to bring the battle to athletes’ gear bags in 2015.”

The exterior of each Odor Gladiator is made of rugged plastic designed to withstand the hazards of a busy bag. Locked securely inside of each Odor Gladiator is a replaceable fresh linen shield that battles odor for up to 120 days.

Their products have received testimonials from NLL pros such as Aaron Bold, Anthony Cosmo, Jordan Hall, Evan Kirk, Tyler Richards and Joe Walters along with team equipment managers.

"We're very pleased to team up with Odor Gladiator for what will be an exciting year," said NLL Commissioner George Daniel. "We strive to provide the world's best lacrosse players with top-notch products both on and off the floor."

Odor Gladiator products can be found at major lacrosse retailers across the U.S. and Canada and online at

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2014 Sponsor Spotlight: Odor Gladiator is an Official Partner of Major League Lacrosse

Major League Lacrosse, the premier outdoor lacrosse league, announced today that it has partnered with Odor Gladiator Inc. for the 2014 season.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Odor Gladiator manufactures high-performance deodorizers for lacrosse, hockey and other sports equipment bags. Unlike detergents and sprays requiring constant reapplication, Odor Gladiator is a safe, effortless solution that athletes simply toss in their bag.

The exterior of each Odor Gladiator is made of rugged plastic designed to withstand the hazards of a busy bag.  And locked securely inside of each Odor Gladiator is a replaceable fresh linen shield that battles odor for up to 90 days.

Sports entrepreneurs Michael and Colleen Morneault couldn’t be happier with their new partnership.  Said Michael “Major League Lacrosse works hard to support both fans and players as they grow the game.  As a young venture serving performance athletes, we’re privileged to provide troops to pros across the league”

Odor Gladiator is available from major lacrosse retailers and online at


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Five Things You Didn't Know Your Odor Gladiator Could Keep So Fresh


NubbleI’m not shy about saying I’m product-loyal. If I find something I love, it’s likely that I’ll stop you in the store near or around that product (or, you know, seven aisles down) to tell you how awesome it is and how many different ways you can use it in addition to those conveniently listed on the packaging.
Because I was starting to lose my voice and didn’t want the words “restraining order” to ever come into play, I took to telling people in blog posts about awesome product finds instead. A few months ago I was introduced to Odor Gladiator by some lacrosse friends. It’s a nifty plastic container that holds a semi-solid, detergent-free, environmentally safe deodorizer that smells like fresh linen. You toss it in sports equipment bags to de-stench them. With two lacrosse guys, and at least three equipment bags, I had plenty of testing ground. I ordered a bundle with customizable helmet holder (team colors!) and four Fresh Linen Shields. My order arrived within a week and I took Odor Gladiator to task. My son’s lacrosse bag (sort of like a cesspool in the Florida super-heated vehicle) became accessible without the use of a Hazmat suit and unzipping it no longer required tongs. Score one for OG. I was so ramped up about the effects on the stinky lacrosse bag that I immediately broadened the Gladiator’s horizons and found 5 places I don’t want to be without Odor Gladiator ever again.


The Car

ElantraWhile the newly fresh equipment bags do reside in the car, there are lots of other smell surfaces in my auto (including the seat my stinky post-practice son sits in) that need some major help. I tossed the Gladiator in the floorboard of the back seat and forgot about it. Until a couple of days later when I got in my vehicle and, greeted by the lovely scent of fresh linen, I nearly cried. I had an inhabitable vehicle again! It was like magic. The smell is fresh and not overwhelming and more than 20 days later is still going.

The Kitchen Trash Can

IMG_0440We’ve all been there; you make chicken one night and you throw the tray away and forget to take the trash out. The next morning you’re confronted with the smell of death emanating from the bin in the kitchen. Even if you manage to get the trash bag to the outside can without passing out, the can itself remains a stink radiator. Until you drop an Odor Gladiator Fresh Linen Shield into the bottom of the can before you put another bag in. While it won’t kill the stink of future forgotten trash, it will keep your can smelling fresh and give you a pleasant change of pace every time you change the bag.

That Suitcase

IMG_0442You know the one. You’ve been on a cruise with it or to the beach, in a cab with a cabbie that smokes or even to a hotel that wasn’t particularly…fresh. Next time you unpack, put an Odor Gladiator in that case before you zip it back up and shove it in the closet. When you wrestle it out to pack it again, it’ll be like a new suitcase and you won’t have to put your clothes in protective plastic before you pack them.

The Linen Closet

IMG_0441Stop washing your clothes with so much detergent and fabric softener just to keep them “fresh” longer. Keep the whole closet fresh instead. Put a Gladiator in with your towel stack and keep all your linens smelling fresh and clean while they wait to be used.

The Mud Room

Got baskets of shoes? Put an Odor Gladiator or a Fresh Linen shield in baskets or cubbies to take the stink out of your mud room, your entryway, or any other place that shoes collect. If you’ve got runners or cleat wearers, you may want to resort to just putting two OG’s in the shoes themselves. Or, you know, go back to the tongs.

Morgan Crutchfield is a huge lacrosse fan and will be at the FIL World Games covering Team USA. Find her at any of the games throughout the tournament, give her an OG Shoutout (#SoFRESH) and get a special thanks from Odor Gladiator! 


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*Disclosure: While I did receive a free Odor Gladiator to try, this review is my own, fully honest review and I was NOT paid to do it.

Any hockey mom will tell you the biggest challenge of the sport is not the early/late hours, the frigid temps, other parents or the expense..

It's the stink.

Foul, sweat stained equipment that brings tears to your eyes and stays in a zipped bag for hours. Even worse the funk travels with you..inside your car, your home, garage, and that hotel room when you are travelling. You've tried a variety of sprays and nothing has worked. Even when you diligently "air out" the stuff you JUST. CAN'T. GET. RID. OF. THAT. SMELL!

To say I was skeptical when I was offered an Odor Gladiator to try is an understatement. Why? Because I had tried a lot of sprays. Claims of anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-stink all fell short and couldn't stand up to my daughter's goalie equipment.

But I'm an optimist at heart and I couldn't stand the idea that nothing would ever make it go away!

Plus I had the perfect test scenario, playoffs. A 2 1/2 hour car ride each way, at least 4 games and holed up in a hotel for 3 days. This was the ultimate test.

True to the "gladiator" name, each Odor Gladiator is shaped as a helmet and all you do is the put the scent pack inside the plastic unit, toss it in the bag and go.


No spraying each item down or spraying the bag. Nice for those of us who don't want our hands to smell like the inside of a blocker or glove.

And it worked GREAT! Throughout the car ride, the playoffs, the hotel room and our warm garage, it really did eliminate the stink. I was stunned. I kept waiting for it not to work. But it proved me wrong.

If you are like me, that should be the conclusion of the review. No stink. The end.

But for those who are interested in aesthetics you can choose your colors, one for the helmet and one for the mask (see colors here), It also costs less than the several cans of whatever spray you would use (in vain I might add) during a playoff weekend.

They claim it will last 90 days. I am now on 30 days and it's kept the odor at bay. I will keep you updated as our Arizona garage heats up in the next month.


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You Stink. Seriously.


Tip of the helmet to the team at MiHockeyKid for sharing these best practices for maintaining hockey gear, including deployment of their favorite product: Odor Gladiator!

You know hockey equipment reeks when you get within five feet of your kid's stick and you can smell the stench on the tape caused by their stinky gloves. No other sport allows for this type of odor and yes, including football because that equipment does not fit into a zipped up bag. Now that you've reached the end of the season you're probably asking – why did I wait so long to clean this stuff? There are a lot of misconceptions about cleaning hockey equipment, including the misnomer that washing the equipment will somehow ruin it. This couldn't be farther from the truth. It's a MUCH better option to throwing the bag in the garage.

Also there are a lot of good products out there which keep the bag smelling cleaner, including my favorite - Odor Gladiator which you just throw in the bag and two should last a season. You can even get them in team colors if that matters to you. But while that will make the equipment better smelling than constantly spraying Febreze in the bag – there are more necessary steps to take from an odor and health concern. It's the bacteria that collects, which should concern you more than the stench. I came across this article from "The Hockey Noob" based out of Chicago, which makes excellent points (and sense). It's copied below, written from a woman's perspective by Shellie Lewis, for your personal information.

Gentlemen, we need to talk. We have a problem. Some of you smell really bad. Really, really bad.

You need to know that you can wash your equipment.

I know some guys are panicking right now. I will de-mystify equipment care and give all the information you need. We can get through this together.


No, dudes. You are just making the eyes of female players burn. We totally talk about you in the locker room, too. I've heard: "Men are disgusting with their equipment" and that not only do some guys stink "it's like they're proud of it, too!" If this might be you, let's clean up the gear and not be offensive to others.


No, dudes. Your hockey gear is a petri dish of germs. There is a host of bacteria and maybe even fungus living in your dirty gear; that is why it smells bad. Sweat, snot, slobber and tears from that shot on net you missed — from you and probably other players — are all collected in one disgusting mass. Air is not going to make that all of that just go away. You should air dry your equipment after use, and you should wash your equipment periodically to clean out the scum.


We can easily de-bunk this concern. Your gear is getting drenched in gallons of your salty, acrid, soaking wet sweat every time you skate. Your gear is not going to dissolve in soap and water. I promise.


Now that we have gotten over the hard part, washing your gear is pretty easy. It is good to give your gear a run through a washing machine at least every few months. If it is smells really bad, wash your gear more frequently. I have found a large, side-loading washing machine to be the most helpful way to get a load of gear washed well and at once.


Take your shoulder pads /chest protector, elbow pads, hockey pants, and pull the inside pads of your shin guards out (they velcro in place) and put them in a large machine. Close all velcro closures to reduce anything snagging surface fabrics of other items and discourage it all from getting too tangled up. These items can all go in the wash together. Don't worry about anything breaking, either. The washing machine is more gentle than the last time you wiped out on the ice.

I like to wash jerseys, socks, base layers and jills/jocks together in a separate load because the protective gear has so much heavy velcro, it is best kept away from anything softer it can snag. Heavy velcro will grab really hard onto knitted hockey socks. Close any velcro firmly to prevent or reduce things being snagged or stuck together in the wash cycle. I usually turn jerseys inside out to protect the logos and numbers from wear and tear a little more. Jockstrap cups should be taken out of shorts or base layer pants and can be washed by hand with laundry detergent or dish liquid.

Compression base layers have some fussy guidelines. I have the Bauer compression base layer and it indicates to wash it inside out, with the zipper and velcro both closed and absolutely do not put it in a drier. It is a blend of polyester, spandex and Kevlar and would probably melt if hot enough.

Once everything has gotten a good wash through the machine — a regular wash cycle is fine — hang up your gear and let it dry. A folding clothes drying rack is helpful for a lot of base layer pieces and hockey socks. I set it in the tub so it is out of my way. Everything else just goes on cheap, ordinary plastic tube hangers and hangs on the shower rod in the bathroom.

Since they are rigid, you need to hand wash the exterior of your shin guards. A few inches of warm water and some laundry detergent in the bathtub is good. Swish them around in for several minutes and get the detergent working. Lather the elastic straps to get them clean. Rinse the shin guards with plenty of running water to rinse out all of the suds and let them air dry.

Are you getting forehead pimples? It's time to de-grease the interior of your helmet. A paper towel with some rubbing alcohol is a good cleaner to wipe down the inside of the helmet, the straps and the face cage. AFR Solution spray and a soft, lint-free cloth works well to get sweat and oils off clear "fishbowl" face shields.

Gloves are one tricky item, because many styles of hockey gloves have leather. My gloves are fabric with suede palms. I have different reports from female players who have washed gloves — even with leather — with no problems. You are at your discretion with your gloves. I recommend infrequent washing for mostly fabric gloves. Using a germ-killing, de-odorizing spray made for sports gear would be good for more routine maintenance on gloves and maybe the only product to use on all leather gloves.

My usual All Free and Clear laundry detergent was not working well. (It works well on my regular clothes but not well on heavy sweat stuck on synthetic fabrics.) Out of the regular detergents easily available in a grocery store, I recommend Tide with Bleach Alternative. Bleach Alternative or "color safe bleach" is usually just hydrogen peroxide, a non-caustic germ killer that will not cause colors to fade.

New, better products specifically made for sports equipment and technical fabrics are starting to come out on the market with a diverse selection. Read the label of any sports detergent you may want to buy and make sure that anything you buy does not "restore water repellency" — it may have an oil or silicone additive made to keep outdoor and running gear water repellent. I would not want that coating my hockey gear. I will soon be reviewing some spots products including de-odorizing sprays and sports specific detergents recommended for hockey gear.


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Cool Gear Bag Hacks from Lacrosse All Stars

FRIDAY, March 28, 2014

Check out these cool gear bag hacks from Lacrosse All Stars' own Mike the Intern! And keep an eye out for Mike's AWESOME OG shout out at 2:20 of the video. Hack YOUR bag with Odor Gladiator!


En Garde, Stench!

American Fencing Magazine, Winter 2014 | Review Written by Cindy Bent Findlay


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A Guide to Derby Gear!

Fiveonfive, Issue 22, Winter 2013 | Written by Alie Gensheimer, Odor Gladiator

To look, feel and play your best on the track, you've got to have the right gear. Derby players suit up from head to toe to keep themselves safe, secure, and stylish, which means they have to invest in equipment that fits right, looks great, and lasts. If you're in the market to try something new or are looking for tips to maximize fit and function, take a cue from Department of Skate shop owner, Yvonne Dailey and Fast Girl Skates owner, Jenny Savaglio, whose fingers are always on the pulse of the latest and greatest derby gear. From D.C. to Seattle, we spanned the coasts to get the lowdown on derby equipment.

Click here to download article in PDF format

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A Hockey Mom Reviews Odor Gladiator!

WEDNESDAY, October 30, 2013 | Written by

A Hockey Mom Reviews put Odor Gladiator to the ultimate test: her athletes' hockey bags. So how did we fare against the curdled milk and nasty feet? Read on to find out!

There is nothing more repulsive or pungent than the smell of hockey funk in a hockey bag. The smell inside the hockey bags, that are left untreated, not aired out is enough to send me hurling and in seek of a garbage can to toss up my insides! I think the fragrance of hockey bag is somewhere between, curdled milk and nasty feet, but sometimes even worse if that is possible!  How does a hockey mom, conquer hockey odors that have one goal, to keep on radiating essence? Fight those hockey bag odors with the Odor Gladiator and you will find resolve beyond your dreams!

In my hockey momma life, if I got one request, it would be to not smell that bouquet of badness that greets my nostrils each time I breathe in and out while traveling home in the car with my sons! After they do battle on the rink with their hockey sticks, pucks and great skating ability, it seems as though a new battle is waged as they enter the car: the battle to drive home with out flat puking.  It is even worse when the heat has to run in the car and the bag smell emanates more quickly because it is in direct fire of the heating vents! I need a goalie to block my nostrils before I keel over at the steering wheel! The boys laugh, and think its funny, but I think it’s gross!

Meet Odor Gladiator – Score A Solution To Odor

I won’t write about something unless I have firmly tested it out and this particular item has traveled to tourneys and at least 10 practices over the last month and it is still going strong.  There is no effort to using an Odor Gladiator.  It is small, round and gets tossed in the bags, so the hockey kids can’t tell you it is too hard to use, it is literally toss and go! The Odor Gladiator will work for up to 90 days, and this is dependent on how much you really put hockey gear in there to fight for air!  The Odor Gladiator is a high-performance deodorizer that will block that nasty smell, much like a goalie blocking a score!

You might be saying at this point, “we use sprays” and I might answer you, “sprays are damaging and break down materials over time, not to mention what might be going onto the skin of your child when they sweat and the spray that has permeated the material now meshes into their skin!”  This is a simple device and on the inside of this gladiator looking helmet you will find a shield that goes into the little helmet that is fresh smelling (like LINEN) and that is what packs a powerful check against odor!  The Odor Gladiator (looks like the helmet and mask) comes in 19 different colors, you are surely able to match your team colors or your child’s favorite color!  You reuse the outer Gladiator Shell over and over and you  just replace the shield.  Replacing the shield is a minimal investment (pennies on the dollar) and you can have a fresh, smelling bag as long as you have these in the bag!

You can make the helmet and mask 2 different colors, or they can be any color combo based on the colors available.  Ours is blue and white, but either color could be changed, hence, mask and helmet.

I won’t be seeking any other olfactory helper that guards against hockey funk in a hockey bag, because this is a TRUE SHOOT AND SCORE for hockey bags!

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From Weapons Grade to Springtime Glade!

TUESDAY, August 13, 2013

The team at Geek Magazine put Odor Gladiator to the test in a most colorfully described roller-derby gear bag. So how did we fare against the Porta Potty corpse?

East Coast Dyes Puts Odor Gladiator to the Ultimate Test


The boys at East Coast Dyes put their troop to the ultimate test in the nastiest of environments: Mike's dank, dark, stench-filled sports equipment bag. Click below to hear what he had to say.

Ministry of Lacrosse Takes Odor Gladiator for a Spin

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013

Ministry of Lacrosse's own Bryan Martin recently gave Odor Gladiator a test drive. Click below to hear what he had to say.

Space, the Final Frontier

MONDAY, April 1, 2013

Tip o' the hat to Google Analytics for the kind introduction to the men and women spacefarers aboard the International Space Station! As a result of Google's kind assist, we've deployed 41 troops to the orbital laboratory to battle the stench of close interstellar quarters. THANKS SO MUCH, Google! You've taken "cloud" applications and small business customer service to new heights!

Odor Gladiator Electric Colors


You asked for it, and we heard you! We've launched our new line of ELECTRIC colors! Check out this cool video to see more, then head on over an customize YOUR electric OG! Special thanks to the band Con Bro Chill for the generous assist. You can find CBC's music on iTunes and the official Partied Out video on YouTube! These guys are hilarious (and hilariously talented)!


MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2013

Check out these highlights from the University of Pittsburgh v. Ohio University faceoff...complete with classic YARD SALE! We LOVE MCLA goodness, and know YOU DO, TOO! Enjoy!

Pittsburgh, Where LAX and Generosity Abounds


Rabbits and laxers and Texans, oh my! Check out Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing's fun report on his lacrosse-filled weekend in Pittsburgh! We're GROWING THE GAME, and appreciate the assist we received from Greg and!


Before I speak about Pittsburgh, I must mention the time I spent in NYC with Brett and Oliver from Austin, TX. Brett's mom, Karin, found me online and we figured out a time to meet up. Brett was already pretty well versed in stringing mesh, but needed a bit of help with traditional, while Oliver had only strung mesh 1 or 2 times himself. They seemed like good friends, as I was able to help them both at the same time, even though they were of varying skill levels in stringing. You can see us jamming, here. We had just enough time to learn the basics of traditional, which we'll refine down in Austin this coming weekend.

Before I left Brett's grandfather's apartment in NYC, Joe from TOS was crossing paths with me; those kids got a lot of lax time in during their trip in NYC! After a subway and AirTrain ride to JFK for my 3:15 flight, I was all boarded, when all of a sudden, we were delayed for a "nose steering jiggle." Interesting. Although, it did give me a little time to continue writing; it's amazing what you can do with zero access to internet or cell service – I might just try it a bit more often!

Fortunately, like how all the fortune that has come my way so far has happened, I had help from other folks on the ground in Pittsburgh to aid me while my flight was delayed. Ryan, from ComLax, was gracious enough to hold off the eager players and parents at the Neville Island store while I was late. Saying that, there is no way I would have even gotten there, or had the fantastic week that I had, if it wasn't for Mike from Odor Gladiator; to say he was a generous host would be an understatement – not only did he offer to pick me up from the airport and drive me to the workshops last week, but he allowed me to crash at his house the whole weekend! Their bunny and I slept in the basement; it was awesome.

At the ComLax workshop on Saturday night, I was greeted by 17 eager young faces that were ready to learn how to string. As it normally goes, I was given full attention and silence (almost awkwardly so) during the introductory portion, but once we got into the hands on part of the workshop, it was full steam ahead – kids were asking questions and getting down and dirty with their pockets; this was also awesome. I put a few pictures up here. The workshop ran late, so it was back to bed shortly after.

In the morning, after a little breakfast and some racing (gaming with Mike's son, Aidan), Mike and I were invited onto the LaxWorm radio show! We jammed a little about OG and ZLAS, respectively, then we were off to the second round of workshops: mesh then traditional. For the mesh workshop, this time, we busted out my stash of Canadian, or Super, mesh, as StickDoctor calls it (who is sponsoring my tour – more on this in an upcoming post), much to the happiness of the stringers at hand. I encourage folks to try out all different kinds of mesh and traditional to figure out what works best for them, on their team, at that time – this could mean that a pocket would stay the same, or change, depending on yourself and external circumstances.

The 7 players and 1 dad that attended the mesh workshop at Shady Side Academy were as focused, if not more so due to the time and number of people in the workshop, than the ComLax one, and we were able to get into some real nitty gritty in regards to stringing – inside, outside, singles, floats, locks, etc. etc.

Tucker Gillman, who I actually coached during a Trilogy camp two summers ago (just committed to G-town), helped me at this workshop, and even taught me a little something called the "stack" or "Canadian stack" interlock – another tool in the box or trick in the bag, as they say. I love to learn something new, as frequently as possible – the first step in doing that is emptying your cup.

To wrap up the day, I had my first ever female attendee! This was awesome to see that girls are interested in what they can do to make their stick a bit different, and how to do it, in general. During this workshop, I had a chance to refresh my tracker pocket and the student, Alex, was on point with following crosslace interlocks, which is a big part of it. Patience and willingness to make mistakes are also key aspects of learning traditional, and any pocket for that matter.

To finish my trip, I had a delicious vegan dinner with the Pittsburgh crew, including local PITT MCLA coach, Sean Buzzerd. Back to the airport the next morning, and on my way to NYC without a hiccup! I'm ever grateful to those who joined me for this first step on my journey, and it was invaluable in my writing of Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing - each interaction and experience I have will hopefully add depth to each chapter.

Next stop – Frederick, MD and McLean, VA – are you aware of your pocket yet?


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2013 Sponsor Spotlight: Odor Gladiator



The Ohio Machine is welcoming new sponsors for its sophomore season including the latest addition,Odor Gladiator, a Pennsylvania-based company that is passionate about lacrosse. Odor Gladiator sells deodorizers that help neutralize and eliminate the smells in sports equipment bags and allows its customers to personalize their own odor gladiators. The lacrosse ball-sized product is conveniently sized to fit into any sports bag and is used by lacrosse players and other athletes from high school to professional levels.

“Everyone has carried a stick or shot a puck in our family,” said Chief Gladiator Mike Morneault. “As parents, my wife and I spent a lot of time trying Febreeze and dryer sheets in our kids’ bags and nothing worked; it didn’t neutralize or crush the smells. We spent two years working with a company to design our product and give it a swag appeal.”

As a family-oriented company with a love for lacrosse, Morneault said partnering with the Machine made sense. Morneault said he met Machine players Greg Bice and Eric O’Brien and knew the Machine was the next step for Odor Gladiator. The company is excited to partner with a Major League Lacrosse team and help support its friends on the Machine, as well as grow its presence through word of mouth and social media.

“So much of our success comes from social media and word of mouth from athletes,” said Morneault. “It’s what we’re focused on with the Machine. Odor Gladiators are the prize for the Ohio Machine trivia contests at games and in return, the Machine is giving us a number of Facebook posts and tweeting about us. We’re going to be running contests and giving out free tickets to the games with our Facebook fans as well.”

Going into the upcoming season, Odor Gladiator is most excited about the family atmosphere with the Machine’s players. The odor-neutralizing products themselves can be customized to resemble the Machine’s team colors for players and fans and are sold at Midwest Lacrosse and the Resolute Athletic Complex in Easton. Morneault said he’s looking forward to coming out to Selby Stadium, watching some good lacrosse and celebrating another successful year with the team. 

“We love being able to partner with companies that not only share our love for the game but also provide a product that can really benefit our players and fans,” said Machine President and GM John Algie. “Odor Gladiator is no exception and I expect our sports-playing fans will quickly come to appreciate what Odor Gladiator can do for them.”

“At the end of the day it’s about word of mouth of actual customers,” said Morneault in regard to having a presence and handing out his product at the Machine home games. “It counts more than anything in print or what I can say about the product. If it works for the pros, it will work for anyone. We’re psyched to partner with the Machine and think it’s going to be a great season.”

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Odor Gladiator's FRESH SHOT of the game


Baltimore Bombers' Dan Marohl scored Odor Gladiator's FRESH SHOT of the game with this behind-the-back snipe through the Kentucky Stickhorses posts on February 24, 2013. Pretty ridiculous shot! 

Lacrosse Broadcast Network



Lacrosse Broadcast Network Presents Radio Host Personality JoJo WAR DRUMMER with Guest ODOR GLADIATOR's very own stench hit man Mike Morneault! Click on JoJo to tune in!


"The Show" - Laxworm Radio X High School



A chat with Casey Powell, Epoch Lacrosse, Headwrapz, Odor Gladiator (at 16:00) and Zen & the Art of Stringing! Click on the LaxWorm to listen in!


Wings Nest - Lacrosse Radio Network



Rocco Granato talks Philadelphia Wings lacrosse with defender Brett Manney and Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault (at 11:15). Click on the picture below to tune in!


Odor Gladiator keeps your game (and your hockey bag) fresh


Hockey players are tough. They can deal with a great many things to enjoy the game they love – pain, hard work, the expense putting together an assortment of equipment & accessories, and even that signature smell that comes from our bag the day (or the week) after your last session on the ice.

Back in my college days, my beer-league buddies had one word that captured the spirit of this olfactory horror – THE STENCH.

Now, most of us players can handle The Stench, but those around us? The spouses, significant others, kids, and animals in our lives aren’t so understanding. That’s where the Odor Gladiator steps in…

See, Mike from OG recently checked out my About page here at Hockey Gear HQ and spotted the following line:

He lives in Nolensville, Tennessee, with his wife Amy, three kids, two dogs, and some really stinky hockey equipment in the garage, the remnants of a sputtering rec-league career that refuses to die!

So he reached out and graciously offered me the chance to try out an Odor Gladiator, and I have to say that I’m impressed. The basic idea is pretty simple – the Gladiator looks like a little guy in a hockey helmet, which opens up and allows you to insert one of the Scent Shields, a small plastic tray which contains the material which does all the dirty work (they explain exactly how over on the OG site).

And let me tell you, it works. Normally, that corner of the garage where I keep my hockey equipment smells like a biochemical hazard zone, even though I’ve got most of my gear hung on hooks to dry nicely. With the Odor Gladiator on the job, The Stench is simply… gone.

It’s not simply masked by some flowery perfume, it’s actually gone.

The paint no longer peels off the garage walls when I open my bag and load up for a trip to the rink. My nose hairs are actually growing into place, since they aren’t being burned off by the fumes week after week.

I’d especially recommend the Odor Gladiator for any hockey player who has to keep his or her gear in a confined space, like an apartment or condominium where friends & family have little chance to escape The Stench. Even if you have the benefit of storing your equipment outside or in a garage, however, this little wonder will make your hockey life easier.

And as a result, I’m happily updating that line on my About page…

He lives in Nolensville, Tennessee, with his wife Amy, three kids, two dogs, and some no-longer-stinky hockey equipment in the garage, the remnants of a sputtering rec-league career that refuses to die!

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US Lacrosse Magazine Selects Odor Gladiator as Hot Product!

MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012

How HOT is this! We were featured by US Lacrosse Magazine as a hot product! Must have swag CRUSHES stench!

Odor Gladiator Highlighted as Necessary Gear by Lacrosse All Stars


Got OG?  We were featured by Lacrosse All Stars as a necessary piece of gear. Check out what Connor Wilson has to say at 1:40 of the video below!

The Best | Odor Gladiator ready to do battle


Any Roman Emperor, athlete or parent of an athlete will surely give a “thumbs up” to Odor Gladiator.

I learned of Odor Gladiator at a Kentucky Stickhorse lacrosse game. The claim was that it “eliminates” odor rather than masking it. I was skeptical … my daughter’s field hockey bag, I thought, would be the ultimate battle for this so-called “slayer of stench.” So I bought one, and bless my toga, it works!

There is a scientific explanation as to how the Odor Gladiator formula bonds with odor molecules and eliminates the smell (read about it on the website,, but it’s a lot easier to just say the smell is gone and having the athletic bag in the car or house is no longer a horror story.

I did some research, and Odor Gladiator was invented by hockey and lacrosse parents Mike and Colleen Morneault, who, like many of us, thought there had to be a way to stop the stale, fetid stench of gym bags. They found it ... and more.

Odor Gladiator can be used in closets, cars, suitcases, bowling bags and duffel bags (a great gift for any member of the military) and is even safe for use with pets (litter boxes, etc).

The Gladiator case is about the size of a baseball and made of durable plastic. It opens to hold the replaceable disk/shield that works all the magic. A fresh linen smell is guaranteed for at least 60 days. It is available in custom-design colors to match your school/team.

Odor Gladiator is available in Louisville at Stickhead on Shelbyville Road. A case and disc cost $15. Replacement shields run about $6. Check for bulk orders (for teams or fundraising opportunities).

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Power Play: Center Ice with Odor Gladiator

MARCH 9, 2012
Getting Fresh - Local man launches product to take smell out of hockey bag.

Hockey equipment bags often have an unpleasant smell all their own. Sweat-covered pads, gloves, helmets and everything else a player wears gets stuffed into the bag after a practice or game. It sits there, festering, until the next time it’s needed.

Michael Morneault, a Gibsonia resident and lawyer by trade, knows that experience all too well. His son, Aidan, 8, is the youngest of his four children and is a youth-hockey player in a learn-to-skate program at the RMU Island Sports Center on Neville Island.

The equipment bag, he said, often has a stench wafting from it. Morneault said many attempts to quell the smell didn’t work, and that led him to develop a product that was able to break through the problem.

Click here to read the full article (from Trib Total Media)


Odor Gladiator Sinks the Stink of Professional Lacrosse


Our good friends the Kentucky Stickhorses selected Odor Gladiator as the team's official stench neutralizer.  We're up for the job!  Check out their cool OG video. They had fun putting it together (especially the last scene).

Get into the Zone with Odor Gladiator


The team at Inside Lacrosse invested time with us at the start of the season.  Check out their Q&A below:

There aren't many stenches worse than that of a lacrosse bag. You as a lacrosse player might not be aware of just how bad you and your bag stank, but your parents and that girl in your english lit class can only breathe through their mouths for so long.

On the front of curing your smelly bag is new comer Odor Gladiator. The Gear Zone sat down with Odor Gladiator founder Mike Morneault for a little Q&A session and photo-shoot.

GZ: How did Odor Gladiator (OG) originate?

MDM:  This one's a softball.  We are the parents of four stick carrying and ball throwing children aged 8 through 23. Having logged countless miles driving to and from tourneys up and down the east coast, we were frustrated by the inadequacy of chemical sprays, perfumed shoe balls and other alchemy to overcome the stale, fetid, animalistic stench emanating from our children's sports equipment bags.  So we worked closely with performance athletes, odor-industry experts and plastics engineers to develop an effortless, long-lasting solution that actually worked.  After two years of research and development, Odor Gladiator™ was born.  Hear what other performance athletes have to say about our product on our testimonial page.

GZ: What was your inspiration behind the design?

MDM: Our patented exterior is the joint effort of a small team of product experts, including friend, former laxer and mechanical engineer Bob Snyder and plastics engineer Ken Murin.  Our disposable interior (which we call a Fresh Linen Shield™) lasts 60 days or more.  Short story:  OG is a high-performance odor neutralizer, not some frou-frou bag ball or irritating chemical spray.  Its design embodies the attitude of our athletes: warriors willing to run through walls to achieve great things both on and off the playing field.       

GZ: What type of technology is behind the OG?

MDM: OK, we're going to get tee-tee technical here.  The odor neutralizing properties of each Fresh Linen Shield™ function by complexing specific organic molecules and reducing their concentration in the vapor phase.  Put simply, Odor Gladiator™ changes the composition and weight of malodorous molecules.  As a result of changed composition, malodorous molecules are no longer detected as offensive odors.  And as a result of changed weight, malodorous molecules are rendered heavier than air, reducing their concentration in the vapor phase.  Pertinent to performance athletes, Odor Gladiator is especially effective against butyric acid, which is the organic molecule responsible for body odor.  It's not about masking odor; it's about neutralizing it.

GZ: How many colors do they come in?

MDM:  We've gone to market with 14 great colors.  When mixed and matched, we've got solid coverage across nearly every playing field and sheet of ice in North America.  Athletes can configure their own look with our online design tool, within a few short days, they're sporting their own customized OG.

GZ: How long does an OG last?

MDM:  Presuming athletes don't use their OG as a wall ball training aid, the exterior will last indefinitely.  It's constructed of rugged polypropylene and designed to hold its own in the rough and tumble world of the equipment bag. Our lacrosse and hockey athletes report that each Fresh Linen Shield™ provides 60 days or more of olfactory relief.  Breaking it down, it's a green play that's light on the environment and the wallet; basically, $3.00 per month for a great smelling bag. 

GZ: Any future plan for OG we should know about?

MDM:  That's a great question!  2012 will be a year of firsts for Odor Gladiator and our athletes.  We're partnering with the MLL, NLL and NALL <> ; professional athletes are excited, and great things are underway.  We're executing a retail strategy that will place us in lacrosse specialty stores and hockey pro shops across North America.  We'll be at the NCAA playoffs, Tri-State and a host of other lax tournaments across the nation. Said briefly, exciting things are underway!

GZ: How can Inside Lacrosse fans help?

MDM:  We're a lithe bootstrapped organization.  So much of what we've accomplished in our six short months on the market has come from performance athletes and their families spreading the word.  We're developing a close following based on the efficacy of Odor Gladiator, our connection to the lacrosse community and our commitment to manufacture 100% of our product in the United States.  We would value athletes contributing to our social media strategy by "liking" our Facebook page.  As thanks in advance for their support, we're pleased to share a $4.00 discount for all online purchases of Odor Gladiator.  Athletes should simply enter special code INSIDELACROSSE12 to reap their reward!

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The Trophy Mom Reviews Odor Gladiator 


hockey bag in back

I know how much athletic equipment stinks. With a collection of hockey, softball/baseball or soccer bags in the car I have driven home with the windows down, lest I pass out behind the wheel from noxious fumes. Mike Morneault has four kids and every bit as much stink so he set to work and came up with the Odor Gladiator™, a patented athlete-customized high-performance deodorizer that battles stench right there in the equipment bag. Mike and I have bonded over kids, sports and stink and he took pity on me, and my unfortunate nose, and sent us an Odor Gladiator™ to test out. Never ones to shrink from a challenge, we tried it out on the stinkiest kid in the house, the 17-year old boy, and put it to the test in his hockey bag. Keep reading to see what we thought, and find out how you can win an Odor Gladiator™.

About Odor Gladiator™
Right off the bat, you can see the Odor Gladiator™ is unique. There’s an atmosphere of fun around this company and I am very much in favor of fun. The Odor Gladiator ™ has a very cool, playful design resembling a Sparty helmet, and you can pick out your own color combination. We picked a blue and red combination to coordinate with the hockey jerseys.

The Odor Gladiator™ is extremely durable, made out of a specially created polypropylene that houses a disc of pure sweet-smelling goodness containing Odor Neutralizer™.  The disc, or Fresh Linen Shield, as Mike calls it, is what takes the stink out. Well, it actually functions by complexing specific organic molecules and reducing their concentration in the vapor phase. Got that? As I understand it, and I never took chemistry so I could be wrong, it changes the stink so your nose doesn’t smell it anymore.

Our impression
Odor Gladiator I can tell you that it definitely made an immediate impact. Our entire hockey locker room smelled better with the addition of just one Odor Gladiator™ in my son’s bag. After well over a month of testing, my son reports “I’ve got the best smelling bag of our whole team. By far.” Mike says the disc will last 45 days at least and we have found that to be true. Our disc is still going strong.

One of the things that I like about this product is that it’s a toss-and-forget thing. You literally just insert the disc, snap it closed and toss it in the bag. No spraying, shaking powders, nothing.

Another thing I like is that Odor Gladiator™ uses organic, non-toxic fragrance oils. There’s nothing gross or harmful, it won’t leak, doesn’t leave any dust or residue so I’m not worried about damaging expensive hockey equipment.

Also, Odor Gladiator™ is made in the USA and purely entrepreneurial. I love supporting those kinds of companies. The Odor Gladiator™ costs $14.95 and includes a disc to get you started. A three-pack of Fresh Linen shields is $17.85. In my experience, that would be more than adequate to get you through the season and well worth the price.

Other uses
In addition to the equipment bags, I think you could find some other uses for the Odor Gladiator™. If you want to freshen up a room, stash an Odor Gladiator™ under the bed, or get one to match the décor of the room and put it on a shelf. Instead of one of those pine tree air fresheners, put an Odor Gladiator™ in the car. Keep one in the laundry room.

Despite the durability of the Order Gladiator™, my son did manage to shear off one of the helmet posts. He has no idea how. I have no idea how. I didn’t think it was even possible! But as I explained to Mike, if something can be broken, we will do it. We have split bike helmets in two and cracked shin pads. The new eyeglasses were broken within 24 hours. My son broke his arm, then broke the cast. Twice!  Now, our Odor Gladiator™ still worked fine but I let Mike know what happened. Sometimes you learn the most about a company when something goes wrong and what I learned here is that Mike Morneault will stop at nothing to make sure customers are satisfied. He immediately activated his customer service response team and we had a new Gladiator right away.

Overall rating
I’m giving the Odor Gladiator™ a highly recommended rating for odor fighting, style and concept. It’s a great product and solves a big stinky problem. You don’t have to take my word for it. Daily Grommet has a piece on it, too.

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Odor Gladiator Featured Product on Daily Grommet


We were proudly selected by The Daily Grommet to appear as a featured product of the day.  Check out their very cool video below!

Michael Morneault in the Arena with Odor Gladiator


It’s a family affair, pure and simple. As an entrepreneur you sometimes get to solve the problems that you have personally. Such an entrepreneur is Mike Morneault. He started searching for a solution to persistent problem that he had – one that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he tried. Odor Gladiator was the result. Only a parent would understand: Odor Gladiator is a result of his four children and their smelly sports. The company currently is staffed by Mike’s family, selling a product that battles stench. The company’s tag line is “Bring the Battle to your Bag!” And it does – killing the smell of the smelliest sports bag.

Origin.  It’s not surprising that Mike is an entrepreneur at heart. What is surprising is his success at solving a nasty, smelly, vile, dirty problem – the overwhelming odor that comes from sports bags full of kids’ sweaty shoes and clothes.

Mike and his wife, Colleen, tried everything. But with four kids toting four sports bags in two family cars… it wasn’t happening. From sneaker balls to dryer sheets to Febreze, nothing worked and the family drove their smelly cars and themselves crazy for years before Mike set out to solve the problem. What started out as a personal quest has evolved into a bustling business.

Odor Gladiator, the product.  The company’s website tells all:

Odor Gladiator™ is a patented athlete-customized high-performance deodorizer that battles stench in the most inhospitable of environments – the dank, dark sports equipment bag.

It’s a simple device that comes in various colors. An added twist: customers can design their own gladiator. Another twist: the website features a “Wordless Wednesday” each week, with a super cool photo depicting a Gladiator(s) in an unusual pose. The product is super cool too. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can actually be new?

Odor Gladiator status.  The product debuted in August, 2011. Mike is tackling the consumer market through tournaments and other events where he can sell not just one or two Gladiators, but thousands.

Mike proudly recounts where they are today: “We’ve sold product in over two dozen states, Canada and Australia.  Our biggest win to date is as a participant gift for the J.W. Kennedy Memorial Tournament in Providence, Rhode Island (2,400 Odor Gladiators sold).  We’re closing on other tournaments, and initiating discussions with lacrosse camps in anticipation of the spring/summer season.  And on the other end of the volume spectrum, we sell Odor Gladiators one at a time to athletes and their parents across the United States and Canada.”

What it took.  It took 18 months and five figures to come up with a viable deodorizing solution. Mike tells me the story, “Initially, we explored activated carbon solutions with both Calgon Carbide and Siemens. [US Filter, a subsidiary of Siemens]. But activated carbon created its own set of challenges; in particular, it gave off charcoal dust in any useful form factor. That’s obviously unacceptable around uniforms and other equipment. Furthermore, while activated carbon (and absorbing odor) made for a great marketing message, an activated-carbon solution works best in a constrained filtering environment such as a smoke stack or a water dispenser. Hockey and lacrosse bags are hardly controlled environments. After six months of trying, we determined it was the wrong approach. So we did a product pivot and identified a nationally known manufacturer in the odor control industry as a partner. This company worked closely with us to design and develop an odor-eliminating disposable for our product.”

Developing the Odor Gladiator’s exterior also involved its own host of challenges. Mike found an outstanding manufacturing partner in Pittsburgh, PA-based Parker Plastics. Mike relates, “Parker’s commitment to our success has been an invaluable asset from conception to commercialization.”

These alliances afforded Mike the leverage to launch and scale the company without a large staff and to keep costs low.

About Mike:  Mike is a laOdor Gladiator logowyer turned entrepreneur. He worked in a couple of big law firms after law school as a business and finance attorney focused on the tech sector. One night while working on a public offering for a technology client, he decided to acquire the functional skills required to create and ramp his own company.

Mike got the chance to jump into a startup that was pretty far along: Automated Healthcare which had just been acquired by McKesson. He started out as corporate counsel but subsequently was able to transition into a business role in which he led the company’s strategy and inorganic growth (mergers, acquisitions and alliances). Over the seven years that Mike was with McKesson, the company became more corporate, and he eventually found himself reporting to someone in Atlanta with a dotted line to a guy in San Francisco and another one to Pittsburgh. Mike’s previous boss, Rich Lunak, had left to join Innovation Works, one of Pittsburgh’s economic development organizations. Looking for a more entrepreneurial environment and continued growth opportunity, Mike left McKesson to become IW’s Chief Investment Officer.

Most recently, Mike has served in a sales and sales management role for a San Francisco-based technology company. The skills learned in client-facing trenches, combined with the business skills acquired in in his prior roles, provided Mike a practical foundation upon which to build and launch Odor Gladiator.

Where they are heading.  Mike is aware that Odor Gladiator is not a high-tech, high-growth business, but it is certainly far more than a life style business: “Our goal is to scale and capture our unfair share of the hockey and lacrosse market, and we think it will be a very interesting product company with ancillary follow-on products and markets.” Mike hopes to take the company to retail in the spring and to scale operations in 2012. There’s no reason that Odor Gladiator can’t be positioned for potential acquisition opportunities downstream if Mike and his team are successful in their execution.

Challenges:  Mike is having a blast taking this from inception to the market. The challenges are the same as many startups:

  • Keeping the faith (and not burning out);
  • Building the team (and finding work-life balance); and
  • Continuing to have fun.

As for the latter point? He is: “Every day offers the opportunity for new challenges and achievements!”

This article originally appeared in New Venturist:

Pa.'s Odor Gladiator Smells Like Team Spirit


It wouldn’t take a leap of faith to assume that the founder of Odor Gladiator, a Pittsburgh startup, has a military background.

There’s the company name, of course, and its tagline, “Bring the battle to your bag.” The latter, to say the least, is an aggressive posture toward the very real threat presented by smelly hockey, lacrosse and other sports equipment bags.

In fact, Michael Morneault did serve in the Army infantry. He subsequently went to law school and ended up working with inspiring entrepreneurs. He and his wife, Colleen, also had four children.

Their offspring are unique individuals, to be sure, but they share one trait common to all children who play sports: they sweat.

'Hockey is worse'

This brings us back to Odor Gladiator, which debuted in August with a mission of eradicating stinky bags from the face of the earth. The battle has been joined.

Lacrosse bags are bad, said Morneault, who counts two lacrosse players among his children.

'Chief Gladiator' Morneault'Chief Gladiator' Morneault

“Hockey is worse,” he said.

Parents of youth hockey players know what a locker room smells like after a hard practice or game. That malodor transfers to the hockey bag, which doesn’t breathe and might not be opened again until the next game or practice. And then look out.

Of course, it helps to air out equipment right away. Some other remedies include perfumy sprays, dryer sheets in gloves, and sunlight.

“We’ve heard all sorts of desperate stories about what people try to do to deal with this stuff,” Morneault said.

Size of a lacrosse ball

A year’s worth of planning and product development went into creating Odor Gladiator’s iconic plastic container, which approximates the size of a lacrosse ball and whose two pieces snap together to form a helmet and mask.

Among the design challenges was finding the right kind of plastic. At first it was too soft and the latch didn’t work. Adding a mineral achieved its aim of making the plastic harder.

“But then all the colors were off,” Morneault said. Adding fiberglass fixed the color problem.

Customers can pick one of a dozen colors for the two pieces, and the helmet and mask can be colors. A two-tone Odor Gladiator winds up looking like a school or team’s little plastic mascot, with what Morneault calls his product’s “personality” shining through.

“People tend to root for personalities,” said Morneault, who declined to say how much he has invested to launch Odor Gladiator.

Wordless Wednesday

The Odor Gladiator blog offers a weekly “Wordless Wednesday,” in which a version of the helmet-mask combination is depicted in a different setting: blue helmet, white mask in a bird’s nest, for instance, black helmet, red mask next to an unwrapped Chicago-style foot-long hot dog.

As Morneault explains in a video, the reusable plastic container opens to accept a disposable “shield,” a disk comprised of a water-based gel that leaves no residue when touched. It absorbs odor by picking off sulfur molecules while emitting an organic, non-toxic fresh linen scent. The shield rotates like a gyroscope within the container.

In other words, the Odor Gladiator is armed and ready to be tossed in an equipment bag.

The plastic container costs $14.95 on and comes with one shield. A three-pack of replacement shields – each one lasts for a month or more – is $17.85.

Morneault said he has sold product in two-dozen states, Canada and Australia.

Manufactured in Pittsburgh

Odor Gladiator is becoming a fixture at hockey and lacrosse tournaments, from San Diego to Princeton, N.J., to Foxborough, Mass., as Morneault sells the product’s usefulness in reducing odor and in generating fundraising dollars. Selling through retail outlets is in the offing.

When he was looking for someone to manufacture his product, Morneault met with a dozen or so companies from Erie to Washington County in western Pennsylvania before settling on Parker Plastics Corp., an injection molding company in the South Hills section of Pittsburgh.

Odor Gladiator’s toy-like quality is an interesting coincidence for Parker, which started in 1946 as a toy manufacturer.

“Mike has a keen knowledge for marketing,” said Wynn Hann, Parker’s director of operations, “and he has a great product, also.”

Hann, who singled out Parker’s in-house engineer, Ken Murin, for praise in helping Morneault fine-tune the Odor Gladiator, said he favored a green helmet with white mask.

They are the colors of his old high school, South Fayette.

This article originally appeared in Pennsylvania Puck, the best source for ice hockey news in Pennsylvania:

OG News Header

August 22nd, 2011



Sports Entrepreneur Demonstrates High-Performance Deodorizer Designed to Take on the 

Animalistic Stench of Sports Equipment Bags


Sports Entrepreneur Mike Morneault demonstrated Odor Gladiator ( at the recent Pacific Lacrosse Festival and Tri-States Lacrosse Tournament. Odor Gladiator will allow families of performance athletes to breathe easy on those otherwise wretched trips from tournament to home.


Pittsburgh, PA - August 22, 2011 - Mike Morneault, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based entrepreneur, is determined to eradicate the animalistic stench emanating from sports equipment bags. The father of four stick carrying children, he's led the product development of Odor Gladiator™, a patented athlete-customized high-performance deodorizer developed by performance athletes, odor-industry experts and plastics engineers.


Morneault recently had opportunity to demonstrate a prototype of Odor Gladiator™ to great fanfare at both the Pacific Lacrosse Festival in San Diego, California and the Tri-States Lacrosse Tournament, outside of Princeton, New Jersey. The response was overwhelming. Said one parent, "It's about time...but do you have one for our ride home?" Another propositioned for the prototype, fingering his wallet and declaring "I want it now. Name your price." Athletes were similarly impressed by Odor Gladiator's™ stylized look and fresh-linen fragrance pronouncing it "Delicious" and (from an attack for the Fighting Clams in Boston) "Wicked cool!"


Odor Gladiator™ is not only prepared to bring the battle to the bag, but is also geared up to fight a more important mission: discovering a cure for Type I Juvenile Diabetes. Odor Gladiator™ will donate a portion of its profits to support Team Brotherly Love, an athlete-led non-profit leading the fight for a cure.  See: for more details.


Morneault will be launching Odor Gladiator ( on August 31, 2011. 
Odor Gladiator's™ next public appearance will be at the Tier 1 Faceoff, a premier ice hockey 
tournament in Marlboro, Massachusetts.


About Odor Gladiator

Odor Gladiator™ tackles the stink of equipment-intensive sports such as hockey, lacrosse and football; it's also ideal for athletes excelling in field hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and the martial arts. Odor Gladiator™ is the perfect solution for all athletes and their families on those long rides home.


Enlist Odor Gladiator™, and Bring the Battle to Your Bag!™


For more information about Odor Gladiator™, please visit, or contact  

Mike Morneault at 978 225-0636.



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